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Alterationin Adrenaline Half Life and MAO Activity in Rats within a 20 Hours' Continuous Adrenaline Application by Implantable Retard Tablets.
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Long-Term Treatment with Catecholamines (CA) May Lead to Enhancement of Other Endogeneos CA.
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Metabolische Veränderungen beim Sportklettern
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Effects of Prolonged Elevation in the Blood Adrenaline on Sensitivity of Glucose Utilization by Soleus Muscle to Insuline.
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A Simplebut Accurate Way for Glucose Tolerance-Curve Evaluation Applied in Man and Rat.
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''Fliehen oder kämpfen''-Atavismus Mensch
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Increased Glycogen Reuptake in Spite of Adrenal Depletion During Recovery From LongTerm Stress
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Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) Activity And Triacylglycerol Content in Skeletal Muscles Of RatsWith Sustained Hyperadrenalinemia
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Dynamics of metabolic responses to prolonged elevation of circulating adrenaline inresting and exercising rats
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Stress und Immunabwehr
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